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Oil Plein Air

2013 - 2014

Another goal on my list is to make traditional plein air paintings whenever I can. The world is a beautiful place and wasting any oportunity with it would be a sin. It's good practice, too. Both digital and traditional complement each other well. Some things are a hastle in traditional where it's easypie digitally and vice versa.

The first one has been sold, but the others are still for sale, so email me if you're interested.

You can find my complete Plein air adventures on this map.


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Oct 2013

Visiting an old brewery close to were I lived. Not long ago the owners still organized airsoft games inside it so the floor was covered with small little white balls. Some conveniently placed ladders made some hard places easily accesible, almost making it a museum tour.

Worth a relaxing visit :)


Prints are available, on request.

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100 Noses

17 Oct 2013

A while back I noticed my noses in my drawings were terrible.
So I drew 100 noses to get better.
I must say it didn't go as expected, I thought I was just going to learn about noses and anatomy etc, but what I actually learned the most was measuring, shape relationships, shading, lineweight and a little bit about nose variations.
As many of you have noticed, posting daily on conceptart.org has become impossible and useless. The site was dying, being offline for weeks. So I gave up on that site. In stead I'll try to update my site weekly on fridays and post more regularly on my facebook art-page.

See you next friday :)


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ArtCamp Still life

03 Oct 2013

Here is part 3 of the assignments for Noah's art camp as promised :)
Was gonna post this a week ago but I've been busy starting up a facebook artpage (link)

Go on and like it :) it opens in a new tab, no worries.

Things I learned the most:
-how to determine local diffuse colours without lighting
-Size relations between diff objects.
-Negative space.
-Subtle gradients.
-Carrots degrade REALLY fast! It turned black after one night D:

The order goes from recent to old pieces by me, from full still lifes to faster studies
Not as interesting as other stuff but learnfull (is that even a word?)


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Aug 2013

Visiting an old tannery.

The first one on the right is a stereoscopic photo. In order to see it in 3D you have to apply
the crosseye-technique
Cross your eyes until your right eye is focused on the left picture and left eye on the right picture, this should make a single picture appear in the middle (where the black line is). Try to focus on that center image, make sure your head isnt tilted in any way or it won't work.
The straighter the better.

Now enjoy the depth :)

You can see the full collection on my Flickr photostream.

Prints are available, on request.

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