Human heads


Welcome to my Portfolio! Really appreciate you visiting my art :)

I have a post-it on my monitor with my biggest artistic goals written on, to keep me reminded constantly in what direction I'm pushing.
The top one is 'Real Portraits', notice not 'Photo real' but something you could consider the better 2D representation of someone. Seen through the eyes of a certain artist.

There's this special thing about experiencing people in real opposed to on pictures.
Some people have what we call photogenetics, honestly most people aren't mr. Camera's favorite or act completely different in front of a camera. This is where artists come in and painted portraits take the lead. Where even those who don't look good on pictures can look beautiful in a painting just like they are in person.

Every painting takes me closer to those 'Real Portraits'. If you want to be part of my collection don't be afraid to send me an email :)
I'm open for requests.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your visit!



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