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Illo-RPG Personal card

24 Feb 2014

Hey hey
There's this fun facebook group gamifying illustration work.
The goal is to make a personal card of who you are and set yourself some challenges in quest-form. When you complete these goals you earn xp and get to level up your personal card.

It's a fun thing to do and isn't only for illustrators, other kind of artists have joined, too.

I strongly recommend making your own, its fun, reflective and a nice motivator.

Have fun!

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#011 -> #020

17 Feb 2014

Hello there!
More warmupsketches, some better than others. But hey, its just to get my hand-eye coordination awake.

Some are from ref, others from imagination.


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17 Jan 2014

Here are two commissioned portrait examples.

If you want your portrait painted like this, just send me a couple of your favourite photos and we can arrange something ;)
It doesn't have to be your portrait, I also paint pets or if you want to surprise your friends or family. I even paint on canvas with oils, if you like it more authentic ;)


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Masterstudy approach

11 Jan 2014

First tutorial post! Ill be adding some tutorials, but also step by steps and some insiders about general artstuff findings I want to share.

Enjoy this first Step by step with some explaining words :)

As you should know, this is my opinion and by all means not the only way or the right way.


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#001 -> #010

12 Jan 2014

Hello there!
Been playing around with my website trying out some javascript for the future of this site. It's a slow process, though.

A while back I decided I should sketch from the moment I wake up. Then I figured out, why not just share my warmup sketches as some sort of daily doodle.

So far so good, here are the first 11

Some are finished illustrations, this is only when I'm really digging the sketch and spend a few more hours on them :)


placemaker to slide post images 200pxWarmupsketches <br> #001 -> #010Warmupsketches <br> #001 -> #010Warmupsketches <br> #001 -> #010Warmupsketches <br> #001 -> #010Warmupsketches <br> #001 -> #010Warmupsketches <br> #001 -> #010Warmupsketches <br> #001 -> #010Warmupsketches <br> #001 -> #010Warmupsketches <br> #001 -> #010Warmupsketches <br> #001 -> #010
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