07 Mar 1991

Elie is a Belgian freelance concept-artist, illustrator and 3D-product visualizer who grew up in a farm-like environment. He has great interest in homesteading, permaculture, education and philosophy.

From early on he got dropped into the artistic environment. From the age of 8 he went to the 'Michaeli Steinerschool of Aalst' and later to the 'Steinerschool of Ghent', where he learned the basics of various crafts such as: woodwork, clay-sculpting, knitting, sewing, leather work, traditional painting, drawing, etc
These schools use the philosophy of Rudolf Steiner as an educational model.

Afterwards he went to the 'Saint Lukas Art Institute of Brussels', known for its architecture track. There he learned the basics of form and perspective; drawing out plans and making the models out of cardboard.

To follow his interest in games he studied 'Digital Arts and Entertainment' in the college of West-Flanders (Howest) and graduated cum laude majoring in 3D-Arts. This was a 3 year program to learn all the basics from a game pipeline; from programming through preproduction into production and finalizing with post-production. Both characters and enviros have had a solid base.
During college he took 2 online courses to broaden his knowledge where the school wasn't providing. He learned a more in-depth approach on 'creature design with Anthony Jones' provided by 'Schoolism' . To endorse his designing with correct anatomy he followed the 'anatomy for artists' courses from Scott Eaton.

Finally he did a 4 month internship at the biggest game-studio of Belgium namely Larian Studios. He worked on 2 titles: 'divinity: Original Sin' and 'divinity: Dragon Commander' both as a character artist aswel as for environmental art; making props, textures, vegetation, etc.
He worked under pressure and strict deadlines within a group aswel as on his own.
After some soulsearching, he chose to throw himself into freelance gigs in stead of working as an in-house artist and concentrated more on ilustrations and concept-art, for that is his true passion.

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