de Prinsenmolen

02 Nov 2014

Every now and again I take my bike and scout the area for interesting spots.

Last time, I fell upon this old windmill with the cute house next to it. It was love at first sight. So I immediately made a sketch.
The next week I came back to make a colour study with my paints. I discovered the scene I wanted was too hard for my skill set at the moment, so I will have to come back later to finish it.

Many kind people approached me and talked about the mills history. What an enjoyable day. I hope I made theirs just as good.

placemaker to slide post images 200pxde Prinsenmolende Prinsenmolen

Merelbeeks jaagpad

02 Jun 2014

All framed up!

It was a hot summer day. The dust from the dry ground had found its wings in the wind. Fading away in the distance is the tree line along the banks of the river Scheldt. Warm dirt odeurs filled the air, travelling on a soothing breeze. Caressing the hairs on your wet neck.

placemaker to slide post images 200pxMerelbeeks jaagpad

Lentedag in Ternat

09 Apr 2014

Plein air painting of the garden at my parents place, with the children of my sister eagerly painting along during 3 consecutive days.
I am happy about the results in contrast and the fine details of my nieces.

placemaker to slide post images 200pxLentedag in Ternat

Life painting session

01 Mar 2014

A life drawing and painting session organised under friends. The model Stien was kind enough to model quite long poses for us while watching discovery channel.
It was the first time I painted a model from life with oils. It was hard and there is not much time to waste, but I must say it turned out better than expected!

placemaker to slide post images 200pxLife painting sessionLife painting sessionLife painting session

Sofie met muts

28 Feb 2014

Digital painting of my girlfriend Sofie with her winter cap after a photo.
This is a big level-up for me, both in drawing, likeness, focus, colours and edges.
I used to think painting from a photo is kind of missing the point. Now I realise the added value a painting from a photo can bring to it, but only if it is not copied directly. Rather used as reference for a more deliberate picture of the subject. Call it a form of photo-manipulation, even if it is drawn from scratch.

A good lesson and experience.

placemaker to slide post images 200pxSofie met muts
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